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Discover and use our search tools or browse this website. If you can't find what you want, contact us with your requirements. We will help.

Please include your budget, preferred location, and size of property required when contacting us.

If you are interested in houses in Chiang Rai please go to our agent at Kwangs Properties - Houses for Rent and Sale in Chaing Rai, Thailand.

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Check out the property listings of interest, remember, location is a dictator of price or rent, not just the size of the house or condo.

The difference in price of properties in different areas can be significant.

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When you have found a house or condo that you are interested in contact us for more information or to arrange a viewing.

Don't waste time as properties can get taken in hours, especially those priced towards the lower end of the market.

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Advice Available - Online or Telephone


Having lived around the On Nut and Sukhumvit area for years our staff know the area quite well. Do not hesitate to ask if you need information or advice on the area.

We Speak English and Thai

English and Thai Spoken

All our staff speak Thai and English, and being Thai they know how other Thai's think. That can be a considerable advantage when it comes to looking for a place to live and negotiating prices.

Negotiate rents and selling prices


Remember, most rents and selling prices are negotiable. Our experienced staff are quite good at negotiating, It is expected in Thailand so do not be afraid to ask.


Other Help You May Need You never know

Lots of boxes used in removalsStorage Facilities

We often get asked to assist with finding suitable storage facilities to hold peoples belongings for a few days or a few weeks. This is normally needed when people move to Bangkok but have not yet found a house or condo to live in and stay in a hotel, or when they are in between moves from one part of Bangkok to another. We can point you in the right direction for a storage facility in the city. Just ask. The easiest way is by email (see contact info) stating your name, phone number, what size storage unit you will need and for how long.

We will then find what is available and let you know. Rates start from about 2000 Baht per week for 10 sq m or the same unit for a month 7700 Baht. Of course there are smaller units and units up to 21 sq m.

If you want a longer period of storage the monthly rate goes down by up to 30%. These rates are not set by us so can change without notice.