How To Submit Listings To On Nut Condos


At the moment the only way to submit listings to On Nut Condos is by email to


Details Required

1. Name and contact details of the owner of the property.Infographic - Good Images Equals Better Sales Results

2. Name and contact details of a person with a key so we can gain access for any viewings. 

3. A LINE id of the owner and keyholder would be a great help.

4. Address of property.

5. How many bedrooms and bathrooms? eg. 2 bed 2 bath.

6. Details of the other rooms eg. Living room, seperate kitchen, store room, office. 

7. Rent or Price as applicable.

8. Is it furnished, unfurnished or partially furnished?

9. If a house what is the land size in sq m?

10. Living space in sq m?

11. Are pets allowed?

12. Minimum term for contract if property is for rent eg. 12 months, 6 months.

13. If for sale - who pays the transfer costs? eg. 50/50 

14. Details of facilities available for the tenant or buyer? eg. Swimming pool. fitness center, sauna, steam, garden, childrens playground, parking, security or anything else in place.

15. If furnished, details of furnishings included? eg. 55 inch LCD TV, Samsung washing machine, Sofa set, Dining table etc.

16. Details of facilities in the surrounding area?  eg. BTS station at On Nut, Max Value, 7- 11, coffee shops, Big C, atms, spas, bars, restaurants, schools etc. Including the approximate distance to them.

17. Anything else you think a prospective tenant or purchaser woud be interested in.


This is the most important part of a successful property listing.

1. The photographs should be of the highest resolution / size as possible and shot as landscape where possible.

2. Please use natural light if you can. Room lighting makes the colors not correct and this can be misleading.

3. Try to ensure that any flash used does not show up as a reflection in glass eg. mirror.

4. No people should be visible in the images.

5. No watermarks on the photographs.

6. A photograph of each room, or if a house, each side of the exterior and any garden as well.

7. Try to avoid cluttering up an image with personal effects - eg. clothing, shoes, dirty dishes etc.

8. Take nice pictures of facilities that the tenant or buyer will have access to eg. swimming pool, garden, playground etc

9. Anything else you think a prospective tenant or purchaser would be interested in.

Cluttered room scene with lady on a sofa
No People or Clutter Please
Picture of a room taken in artificial light
No Artificial Light Please

On Nut Condos Logo

On Nut Condos Co., Ltd is a registered company in Thailand and our aim is to help people find great condominiums or houses to suit their budget. Go Explore!

If you cannot find what you want on our website contact us with your requirements, but we cannot help with rental contracts of less than 6 months duration.

To avoid disappointment please be wary of out of date information on some property websites, and note that day or weekly rentals by the owners of the vast majority of condominiums is illegal.


We welcome Co Agents. Contact Us to discuss - please use email or LINE.

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