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Sukhumvit 79, On Nut - massage shops

The On Nut area seems to attract massage shops like mosquitoes to bare ankles.

There are over 30 massage shops and spas within a 10 minute walk of On Nut BTS station, and therefore a few minutes from any of the condominiums in On Nut. In fact there are 2 massage shops within the Lumpiniville Condo Complex in Sukhumvit 77.

Over 30 massage places and spa's is quite an amazing number for somewhere out of the city centre! The ones shown in the above picture are in Sukhumvit 79 and are new.

As you would expect prices are higher in Spas as opposed to normal massage shops, but of course the facilities and available treatments are normally somewhat different. The map shown here indicates the location of the shops and spas (within a few metres). There might be more as they do spring up regularly, if you know of any other locations within 10 minutes walk of the On Nut BTS please let us know so we can amend the map.

As with similar shops all over Thailand, Thai Massage, Oil Massage and Foot Massage are always available, with additional treatments such as body scrub and herbal steam available in some shops and all the spas. Naturally the spas have a much longer list of packages and treatments than the shops.

You will need to go and visit the premises to find out what treatments they do offer as I cannot list 30 odd price lists here! So when you have finished work and going home to your condo or house stop and get a massage, if you do not work then great, walk a few steps from your home and enjoy!

There are other massage shops and spa's in Phrakanong, and up towards Bang Na of course, but this article is just about On Nut :)

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