May 17

Compulsory Medical Insurance Coming Soon


The Thai immigration authorities have announced that from July, 2019 long stay visa holders over 50 years old ( retirement visas and extensions) will require medical insurance.

Coverage requirements are as follows:

  • In Patient - Years cover of 400,000 Baht
  • Out Patient - Years cover of 40,000 Baht

This insurance has to be current at the time of visa application or extension renewal.

A policy issued by a Thai...

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Jan 30

Buying a SIM Card in Thailand - Biometric Data Needed Soon?

New Rules For Buying A SIM Card in Thailand

Starting in 2015 it was a requirement for a buyer of a SIM card to register the purchase using his or her personal details. This has now moved on and as of 1st February, 2018 they want bio-metric data as well. At first this was only going to apply to Thai nationals buying a SIM, but it appears it will be applied to foreigners as well.

The biometric data could be a fingerprint scan,...

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Jan 5

Drone Owners Beware in Thailand

Beware Deadline Approaching

The deadline for registering your drone in Thailand is 9th January, 2018. It would appear that the authorities are serious about enforcing this. 


If you own a drone or are thinking of getting one, it is now a requirement that it is registered before it flies in Thailand.

The registration can be made at police stations. You will need your identification, serial number of the drone and a photo of...

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Dec 31

Happy New Year !



We would like to wish everyone a happy new year and we hope 2018 will bring all you want. Have fun wherever you are! 

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Dec 11

Bangkok Condo Oversupply - Be Realistic - An Owners View

- The following does not apply to the high end condo market - 

It seems that a very large number of people are wanting to sell their empty, low end to mid end condos located in my area of because it is so hard to find tenants. 

I can only think that it has something to do with the massive oversupply of new and vacant condos resulting in a slow but sure decline in prices that some owners do not accept is happening. This...

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The On Nut Condos Blog - For Ex Pats Living in Bangkok

This blog is a place for us to put articles that we may think can help Ex Pats living in Bangkok, Thailand.  If you want to contribute let us know by email to . This is a new concept for us and any help from Bangkok residents or potential residents would be appreciated.