Nov 12

Condominiums are Not Hotels or for Short Term Rentals

Being in the condo rental business we get a lot of enquiries from people asking to rent a condo for maybe a few days or a few weeks. We have to say 'No, we cannot help'.

We appreciate why they ask, it is because renting a condo for a month is a lot cheaper than staying in a hotel room of the same standard (normally) for a month.

We say we cannot help not to be awkward, but because it is against the law for a condominium owner...

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Nov 8

Breaking News: Cheap Charlies Bar to Re Open in On Nut

Cheap Charlies, the famous bar that closed in Sukhumvit 11 earlier this year is to reopen in Sukhumvit 50, On Nut ! It is going to be located at Beacon Place near the Link Condo complex.  No dates yet but it will be a boon to the area if it gets back the same character it had in Nana. A great bar for a casual few drinks and meeting place for Thai and Farang. 

This is what it looked like in Soi 11 -  can't see it being the same...

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Nov 1

Christmas Market In On Nut !


For the last couple of years the Sansiri property development company have held what is the nearest thing to a Christmas market that a lot Bangkok has ever seen. This year is no exception. The Sansiri Market Fest will once again be held on the San Samran bridge, Sukhumvit 77, On Nut on 18th and 19th December, 2017.

The San Samran bridge is accessible from Soi On Nut (Sukhumvit 77) adjacent to the Sansiri Development, The...

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Oct 27

Massage and Spa in On Nut, Bangkok

The On Nut area seems to attract massage shops like mosquitoes to bare ankles.

There are over 30 massage shops and spas within a 10 minute walk of On Nut BTS station, and therefore a few minutes from any of the condominiums in On Nut. In fact there are 2 massage shops within the Lumpiniville Condo Complex in Sukhumvit 77.

Over 30 massage places and spa's is quite an amazing number for somewhere out of the city centre! The...

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Oct 16

Our New Website -


For new visitors to this website nothing will look new, but to old visitors coming back they will see a completely new website. For the geeky visitor the site is built on the latest version of Joomla and PHP 7. The old version was functional but getting out of date and eventually would have stopped working as technology advanced. 

This new site still needs adjustments and development, so as with all websites it is...

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