Oct 27

Massage and Spa in On Nut, Bangkok

The On Nut area seems to attract massage shops like mosquitoes to bare ankles.

There are over 30 massage shops and spas within a 10 minute walk of On Nut BTS station, and therefore a few minutes from any of the condominiums in On Nut. In fact there are 2 massage shops within the Lumpiniville Condo Complex in Sukhumvit 77.

Over 30 massage places and spa's is quite an amazing number for somewhere out of the city centre! The...

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Oct 16

Our New Website - www.onnutcondos.com


For new visitors to this website nothing will look new, but to old visitors coming back they will see a completely new website. For the geeky visitor the site is built on the latest version of Joomla and PHP 7. The old version was functional but getting out of date and eventually would have stopped working as technology advanced. 

This new site still needs adjustments and development, so as with all websites it is...

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Oct 15

Experience Eating Out In On Nut

Eating out in On Nut can be very cheap, but if you want traditional western food you will be dissapointed. Ok, there is KFC, McDonalds and Pizza Company but is that really traditional western food? 

So if you are after traditional western food you will need to go a bit further away. More of that in a later post.

Getting back to On Nut. There is a huge choice of Thai street food available for those that like it or are on a tight...

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Oct 15

Smoking Ban on Thai Beaches


Whilst this does not really apply in Bangkok it will if you travel to your favourite beach in Thailand. The authorities are planning to implement a total ban on smoking on beaches. At first the main beaches in Pattaya, Phuket, Hua Hin, Koh Samui etc will be targeted, with the others following later.

They say that receptacles will be provided at entry points to the beaches so that smokers can deposit their cigarette butts...

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