Data Protection and Privacy Policy

Collection of Personal Information

You may choose to provide us with your personal information by using some pages of this website or by other means. For example when you complete an enquiry form or contact us by Line application. Personal information is deemed to include anything that can identify you eg. passport copy, telephone numbers, email addresses, bank account details and postal addresses.

When you submit personal information, you consent to our use of the information as set out in this document. None of your supplied information is held in the database on our server.

Email, Line and [email protected]

Our primary means of communication is with the Line application on a computer or smartphone, and by email. The chats and / or emails are retained in the Line application or email application for as long as is necessary to complete or progress your enquiry and / or contract. If you use the Line app, email or telephone to communicate with On Nut Condos Co., Ltd you consent for us to use and retain any personal information you give us for the purposes as stated in this document. On Nut Condos Co., Ltd have not got any control over the Line servers or email servers and can not be held responsible for any misuse of your data held on the respective servers by the server owners or anyone else.

Use of Personal Information

We will only use or retain the personal information submitted to us to respond, assist or progress with your enquiry or contract. No information is retained in our database.

We shall not disclose your personal information to any third parties outside of the On Nut Condos Co., Ltd working environment without obtaining your prior consent unless we are required by law to do so. Working environment means any person working on behalf of On Nut Condos Co., Ltd  in relation to your enquiry / contract.

The information a client supplies to On Nut Condos Co., Ltd, from an enquiry, request, or for the creation of a contract, may consist of full name, nationality, passport / ID numbers, employment / visa status and address(if applicable). Bank details may also be required from the owner of a property who is part of a contract.

This information will be supplied to all parties involved in a contract process. On Nut Condos Co., Ltd retains a copy of a contract which will be destroyed after 5 years from the expiry of any tenancy. By signing a contract you give consent for the retention and distribution of data to parties of the contract and On Nut Condos Co., Ltd..

Any information supplied in relation to an enquiry or request will not be held after the enquiry or request has been finalised or the client requests to be forgotten. If a contract is made the above paragraphs regarding the Use of Personal Information apply.

Additional Information Regarding Property Listings

Any information a property owner / agent gives On Nut Condos Co., Ltd in relation to a property listing is held on a spreadsheet. If the owner / agent requests, On Nut Condos Co., Ltd  will delete it (see below paqragraph - Requests to be Forgotten).


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We are not responsible for the privacy practices of third parties that run any other websites. Please refer to their own privacy policies for more information. 

Deletion of Information from Database

As none of your personal information is held in our database this does not apply. 

Requests to be Forgotten

Any request for the deletion of personal information from our spreadshet can be made by email to  (data controller).


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Revised: 5th May 2020.

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To avoid disappointment please be wary of out of date information on some property websites, and note that day or weekly rentals by the owners of the vast majority of condominiums is illegal.


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