Useful Information For Living In Bangkok

Mobile PhonesMobile Phones

  • The mobile telephone coverage in bangkok is good. You could always use 'roaming' with your home country number but as you are probably aware the roaming charges on your home bill can be a bit of a shock. To get round this you can use a local Thai sim card ( data can be included ) with a local number. They are readily available and can be purchased cheaply.
  • You can get local sim cards at the airport, 7 - eleven stores, mobile phone shops and many other places.  You maybe required to show your passport and give residency details to register them.
  • There are three main players in the Thai mobile phone network field. They are AIS (also branded as1-2-call), True Move, and DTAC (various brand names). In the authors experience there is very little to choose between them.
  • Please note that if you want to put a Thai sim card into your smartphone it needs to be unlocked. Alternatively you can pick up a basic handset with a Thai sim card for less than 1000 baht. Check out any Tesco Lotus, Big C or mobile phone shop.

Internet Access

  • The internet provision in Bangkok is NOT the same as in the west and people should not assume that it is.
  • Certain internet service providers ( and telephone network providers ) have contracts with various property developments, housing areas etc where such internet provision to houses / condos has to be made by a particular internet service provider. Thankfully this appears to be changing, especially in new property developments.
  • This varies so much it would be impossible to list the particular areas where this applies so if internet access is a major concern clients are advised to ask owners / landlords about any restrictions at their individual property.

General Advice 

Drinking Water

  • The water supply in Bangkok leaves a lot to be desired. It is normally okay for such things as bathing, showers and laundry etc., but for drinking it is abysmal and can be dangerous.  Be very wary of drinking water from the tap.
  • Most people buy bottled water from supermarkets / convenience stores or in home water filters. 
  • Many people refill their own bottles from 'filtered water vending machines' found dotted around populated areas. But you need to be wary of them as well as the quality of this 'filtered' water varies.

PetsLovely Cat - But No Pets

  • As a general rule pets of any type are not allowed in condominiums. If you have a pet check whether or not they are allowed before you sign a contract. Houses are a different matter of course, but it is still worth checking if you are renting a house as sometimes landlords do not allow dogs or cats.
  • Pet hospitals and pet grooming parlours can be found all over Bangkok. Pet hotels can also be found. The author has no experience of these places so cannot comment on them. However, Thai people love their pets so I expect pet care can be first class. If you are a pet lover post on forums such as and ask the ex pats found there.



Information For Tenants

  • On Nut Condos only introduces tenants to landlords and facilitates the signing of a contract / lease. We are not a property management company.
  • No fees are payable to us from customers who rent or buy properties with our help.
  • Don't forget that most rents are negotiable.
  • Find out if you will pay for electricity at the official rate or at a more expensive private rate which is charged by some condo/apartment owners. You pay the official government rate at 99.9% of our condos.
  • For short term rentals of less than 6 months see the link in the menu.
  • If you rent a condominium the central maintenance costs are paid by the landlord and not the tenant unless specifically stated in the contract.
  • Official electricity bills can be paid at most 7 - 11 convenience stores. Likewise bills to TOT, True etc can also be paid for in the same way. If you do utilise this service make sure you get a receipt. If you have a Thai bank account you can set up auto - pay which is a great help. Especially if you are away from Thailand for a couple of months or more.
  • Having an official electricity bill over 2 months without paying it WILL result in your supply being disconnected. It does not matter what the reason is.
  • Keys - make a copy of condominium keys and keep the copy somewhere outside your condo.  Such as place of work, good friend etc. The number of people who lose their keys is amazing. To call out a locksmith in the middle of the night can be a very time consuming and expensive process. It should be avoided!
  • Try and video or take pictures of the property and its contents when you move in. This will help you when you move out and to avoid misunderstandings with landlords.
  • Don't forget, if you cannot find what you want on our website call Khun Nala on +66(0)990029197 and she will be able to help. Or you can contact us from the contact link in the menu.

Information For Buyers / Sellers

  • On Nut Condos is an estate agency (realtor) introducing property buyers to sellers.
  • We can give advice to buyers relating to the required documentation and procedures needed to complete a purchase, but only to persons buying / selling a property through us.
  • On Nut Condos can assist in the transfer of a property from the seller to the buyer if needed.
  • We can put a buyer or seller in touch with a reputable lawyer if required.

Legal Information

Please note that it is against the law in Thailand for condominium owners to allow daily or weekly rentals. Condominiums are not hotels.

It is also neccesary for the owner of a condominum or house to notify the Immigration authorities of the details of any foreigner renting their property.


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